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I am currently retired and not accepting clients. Thank you. I am leaving this website up so my former clients can contact me as needed.


QuickBooks Training

I have been a QuickBooks Professional Advisor for more than 15 years. QuickBooks may lull it's uninformed users into believing that their data file is correct because it performs its accounting wizardry behind the scenes, and, for example, unless you know where a truck purchase should show up on a financial statement, it might have been recorded incorrectly. FYI, be advised that IRS examiners are being trained in QuickBooks and will be requesting access to your QuickBooks file which makes it more important than ever that it is correct.

Starting a Business

Whether you are starting a service business, retail business, Internet business, small or big business, starting any business is not something to be taken lightly. Should you buy an existing business, become a franchisee or start from scratch? Although there isn't any way you can guarantee that you'll become successful after starting a business, you can greatly improve your odds by becoming well-prepared for the task of starting one. Visit my Starting a Business page to learn how to successfully launch your new business.

Tax Preparation

With six years of experience as an IRS Revenue Agent, seven years in the tax department of SunTrust Banks, and now 25 years of preparing corporate and individual tax returns as a sole practitioner CPA, I have the expertise and experience to handle most any tax planning or tax preparation engagement. As a former IRS Revenue Agent, I gained valuable insight into IRS audit techniques and procedures that have helped protect my clients from overzealous, career conscious, IRS examiners. We specialize in Individual, Corporate and Partnership tax preparation.

Payroll Processing

For the past 20 years we have been processing payroll checks and preparing payroll tax forms for our Georgia business clients. From the simplest payroll to the most complex, our Payroll processing and payroll tax form filing service relieves the administrative burden from our small business clients. We provide direct depositing of employee checks and electronic payment of payroll taxes. Please be aware that withholding taxes are considered "Trust Fund" taxes and there are significant penalties, on the company as well as a "responsible individual" for late and non payment of these taxes.

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Sorry, but at this time I am retired. I am leaving this website up so my former clients may contact me as needed.

Thank You.

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